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We at Styledwel® are your trusted source for innovative solutions addressing the challenges individuals with urinary incontinence face.

We understand that urinary incontinence can be a private and embarrassing condition, and our mission is to provide you with products that offer discretion, comfort, and security. Our patented urinary bag covers, BAG-INS® and LEGG-INS®, are revolutionizing the industry and are designed to improve your quality of life. When looking for the best catheter bag cover available today check out www.styledwel.com

Looking For Catheter Bag Cover Stores?

At Styledwel®, we offer innovative Catheter Bag Covers that provide discreet and convenient storage for your urinary collection needs. Our products are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

LEGG-INS® Urinary Leg Bag Cover

LEGG-INS® is a stylish and discreet urinary leg bag cover designed to securely fit most urinary leg waste bags (19oz / 562cc / ml). This innovative dignity bag for catheters offers reliable solutions for common issues associated with wearable urinary waste bags:

  • Comfort : Our unique design ensures you can go about your daily activities comfortably.
  • Discretion : LEGG-INS® allows you to enjoy daily opportunities with confidence and dignity.

Searching For Urinary Drain Bag Covers? Feel Free To Explore Our Products!

Our Urinary Drain Bag Covers, including BAG-INS® and LEGG-INS®, are designed to provide you with the utmost discretion, comfort, and security.

At Styledwel®, we are committed to improving the lives of individuals dealing with urinary incontinence. Our products are backed by innovation, quality, and a genuine desire to positively impact your daily life. Explore our offerings if you're looking for catheter bag covers.

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BAG-INS® Urinary Collection Tote

The BAG-INS® Urinary Collection Tote is a game-changer for individuals using standard 2000 ml waste collection bags. Our unique design ensures exceptional results and delivers the following benefits:

  • Adjustable Straps : Easily and securely attached to chairs, bed rails, and walkers.
    Immediate Disconnect and
  • Reconnect : Hassle-free setup and maintenance.
  • Sleek Design : Promotes a healthier flow from the catheter to the waste collection bag.
  • Interior Bag Support System : Support’s full waste collection bag.

Say goodbye to the inconveniences associated with traditional urinary waste bags. With BAG-INS®, you can regain control and comfort in your daily life.

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    ...the Doctor Physician commented that she wished all of their patients had a STYLEDWEL® LEGG-INS®


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  • "

    The sleek and sporty appearance of the LEGG-INS made a usual uncomfortable and embarrassing situation turn into a walk in the park.


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    I really like my new black LEGG-INS urinary bag cover. It is comfortable and attractive. My prior use of the supplied bag holder caused many problems.


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    The ability to wear your bag with dignity and comfort is a huge leap and gives everyone who uses them a better quality of life.


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