Our Story

The American Dream

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

— unknown

Mary Marshall | Styledwel.comSTYLEDWEL® Story began with a dignified solution to a medical device that redirect's how consumers participate in their lives.

In a short time, I would discover this solution would be the answer to issues beyond personal needs. Issues so critical to well being, so obvious, I pursued my dream and created solutions for consumers, their families and caregivers to "change their world".

"Following cancer surgery, a family member was fitted with a catheter and leg bag as he would experience bladder issues for a period of time.  The surgery was successful however the leg bag failed in so many ways. It was obvious there were many problems associated with the waste collection bag, so I searched and searched and found no sustainable solution. Functionality and discretion are what this medical device called for and the very least my family member deserved.

From that day forward, I found my passion in creating supportive and discretionary solutions for issues associated with medical devices."  

Mary Marshall, Founder

At STYLEDWEL® we design every aspect of our products with the end user in mind. Our US Patented Products are the direct result of listening to and consulting with our consumers to develop real solutions.

We are dedicated to creating products that empower individuals, where other products hold them back. STYLEDWEL® products deliver solutions.

The Company, which is privately owned, was established in 2012 to purposely develop an innovative product line to support medical devices and beyond. Our products are currently used in both institutional and home care settings. 

STYLEDWEL® superior products are functional and  most certainly, STYLEDWEL®