Albert “Tony” Almeida

I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with your product and what difference its made in my mobility. The sleek and sporty appearance of the LEGG-INS made a usual uncomfortable and embarrassing situation turn into a walk in the park. The easy to clean black design held the bag nicely, allowing the disposal port to peek out from the bottom of the LEGG-INS easy to assess and ready for use. The LEGG-INS had a Sporty cover that overlaps the entire leg bag. It looked like it was part of my outfit when I was wearing my cargo shorts and the LEGG-INS didn’t cause my long pants to tug. The velcro straps guarantees a safe and perfect fit wherever you choose to place the LEGG-INS. I prefer the upper thigh just above the knee.

Before using the LEGG-INS the leg bag and the tube to the catheter was held on at my lower calf with two straps that would be too tight or fall off. It was NEVER a secure enough feeling. It is a whole new world for me now with LEGG-INS

In Health and Wellness,
Albert “Tony” Almeida

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