Marine Corporal

 I am a service connected c5-6 tetraplegic. I was injured while serving in the Marine Corps in 1986. I have a neurogenic bladder that requires the use of either a urinary leg bag or bed bag. I have been forced to wear long pants, lap towels or other items to hide my urinary devices. The leg bags also have straps that cut into your skin or cuts off blood flow due to their designs. In my 27 years I have tried numerous products to improve the comfort of wear. While things have improved no product has met and solved two areas of concern. I saw these Styledwel® products at a trade show and marveled at their design. The ability to wear your bag with dignity and comfort is a huge leap and gives everyone who uses them a better quality of life. I and several other bag wearers and users even gave the designer some idea of our problems and she immediately implemented these changes to make her products better.While an inpatient at the VAMC our bed bags are continually exposed to view by visitors at the bedside or infection while we are in the rest room.

Mary designed her bed bag cover to give dignity and to protect it from virus/ infection transfer. I know how comfortable her leg bag covers are and when I’m done wearing it at the end of the day my leg is no longer numb or have dangerous pressure marks. I can also wear shorts with it and don’t feel embarrassed by my exposed urinary device. To say these bag covers have improved my quality of life is a huge understatement. They have returned a sense of normalcy to my life.Please take a moment for yourself and see how these items will help all of us veterans who truly need them.

Corporal C. B.
Washington D.C.
C5-6 tetraplegic

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