I really like my new black LEGG-INS urinary bag cover. It is comfortable and attractive. My prior use of the supplied bag holder caused many problems. I can’t tell you the number of times that my urinary bag came disconnected and leaked all over me. I would get leg soured also from the rubbing of the holder. I now feel comfortable enough to wear shorts because the LEGG-INS holder keeps everything discreet even though the holder itself is in view. I sometimes think people look at me and wonder if I am "packing heat" and then I just smile and wheel on.

Thank you for developing such a great product. It is so nice to have something that is so functional and attractive. Now I am waiting for some additional colors. A camo bag could be pretty cool though.

STYLEDWEL asked LD for permission to print this testimonial and she replied:

Yes, please do feel free to share. The “packing heat” is especially funny out here in UTAH. As I said, I might have to get one in camo for my hunting and fly fishing trips. I have MS and I lost bladder control well before I lost my ability to use my legs. I still try to maintain the highest quality of life I can, even from a wheel chair. Thank you for thinking of others with your invention. I have found so many hero’s in my day -to day living with my disease … and you are now one as well.

Regards, LD

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