Collection: Urinary Bag Covers

Our Urinary Bag Cover discreetly and securely supports the 2000 mL urinary waste collection bag.

Our elite design was specifically engineered to discretely and securely support the 2000 mL waste collection bag. The sleek design and adjustable strap adapt to all types of appliances. ( mobility chairs, wheelchairs, bed rails, walkers, etc., etc.,etc.!)

Our US Patent pending technology delivers solutions consumers seek while restoring lost dignity.

Our Urinary Bag Covers by STYLEDWEL® are manufactured with quality materials and superior workmanship. Made of durable and lightweight nylon.


  • Durable, Washable Nylon Fabric
  • Adjustable Nylon Woven Straps 
  • Internal Support System for most urinary waste collection bags
  • Max Release Buckles for easy transport and discharge.
  • Convenient Woven Nylon Handle *Double Zipper Openings
  • 2 private Personal Pockets
  • Supports standard 2000 ml Waste Collection bags. 
Weight 0.9 Width 12" Height 14" Length
1.5 (lb) 12 (inch) 14 (inch) 2 (inch)