LEGG-INS doesn't slide down!

I was searching for a urine bag holder that would not slide down my leg while walking. I Googled urine bag holders and found one that looked nice and with a set of 2 inch Velcro straps to keep it in place That bag was the LEGG-INS Urinary Leg Bag Cover.

My goal was to live my life as I did before I had to have a catheter attached to me and not be afraid to go out. To do that, I needed a bag that wouldn’t slide down my leg.

LEGG-INS is easy to put on. There are 2 very long straps to accommodate any size leg. Before cutting the straps, I wore it for a few days testing it out. When I was satisfied that bag would stay where I put it, I cut the straps. All I do now is slide the bag up my leg and strap it on, first to my upper thigh and second to just above my knee. Then I slip the urine bag into the pouch and close the cover that uses Velcro to keep it closed.

LEGG-INS doesn’t slide down. I think part of the reason LEGG-INS stays where I put is the back of the Velcro straps.

I am not happy with my current situation, living with a catheter and I know that I will have to make many concessions because of it. But one of those concessions will not be staying home when I wish to go out. Though my condition is relatively new, I feel confident I found a urine bag holder that will allow me to do the daily life activities I have always done without worrying about the bag slipping down my leg.

Robert L.

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