Kenneth R. Walters

 “I am a Disabled Veteran living in a Nursing Home. I like attending the National Veteran’s Wheelchair Games. In July of 2013 I attended the Games in Tampa, Florida. I was introduced to these products at these Games. I felt that they are a very good Product for a person who needs them. I did not buy one at this time but took one of the pamphlets and kept them in mind. Over the next couple of months I thought and thought about the products. Then I decided to call Mary and discuss how it would attach to my Electric Wheelchair, With the discussion we agreed that Mary would send me one and I would try it out. My Attendant was able to attach it to a bar on front of my Wheelchair. I like this location as I can easily put my Urinary Drain Bag into it and have no other problems with it. Where before I had to be aware of the CNA’s getting their cloth covers put on properly. If they did not the cover would fall off leaving a gag full of Urine where anybody could see it. With the Bagg-Ins the Drain bag is placed inside through the top of the cover. Now it is not visible and there is a flap on the front where my CAN’s are able to keep an eye on it. I also bought one of the Legg-Ins for a friend who uses a leg bag. He also has a high praise for this as it has wide straps that can be cut to fit your leg. He no longer has the one a half inch fine rubber strap cutting into his leg. It also hides the bag from people seeing it. There is also a flap on front for ease of checking and emptying. I highly recommend these two products for anyone that uses a Urine Drain Bag of any kind. They are far superior to the cloth covers that people now use.”

Kenneth R. Walters


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