US Military Veteran

Charles Sanders is a U.S. military veteran residing in Tampa, Florida. He served his country for 17 ½ years before getting into a motorcycle accident during active duty in Germany. He returned to the states as a C45 quadriplegic. He has been wheelchair bound for over a decade. “I’ve been using my BAG-INS for several months now. I’m loving it because it’s very discreet and can’t be seen like what I was using before. I really love it.” “Before I wasn’t even using a bag that attached to my chair because I didn’t have a cover. I used a leg bag and had to empty it very often. Now with BAG-INS, I don’t have to check it so often.” “BAG-INS fits on the chair perfectly, you can easily open it up with the zipper on the bottom. The bag is durable and washable too. I’m really enjoying the product. It’s made things easier for me.”

Charles Sanders


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