I really like my new black LEGG-INS urinary bag cover. It is comfortable and attractive. My prior use of the supplied bag holder caused many problems. I can’t tell you the number of times that my urinary bag came disconnected and leaked all over me. I would get leg soured also from the rubbing of the holder. I now feel comfortable enough to wear shorts because the LEGG-INS holder keeps everything discreet even though the holder itself is in view. I sometimes think people look at me and wonder if I am "packing heat" and then I just smile and wheel on. Thank you for developing such a great product. It is so nice to have something that is so...

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Marine Corporal

 I am a service connected c5-6 tetraplegic. I was injured while serving in the Marine Corps in 1986. I have a neurogenic bladder that requires the use of either a urinary leg bag or bed bag. I have been forced to wear long pants, lap towels or other items to hide my urinary devices. The leg bags also have straps that cut into your skin or cuts off blood flow due to their designs. In my 27 years I have tried numerous products to improve the comfort of wear. While things have improved no product has met and solved two areas of concern. I saw these Styledwel® products at a trade show and marveled at their design. The ability to...

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