STYLEDWEL® is a medical device company dedicated to creating products that empower patients, where other products hold them back. With a commitment to creating products as a key mission for the company, CEO Mary Marshall founded STYLEDWEL®. Ms. Marshall’s innovative idea evolved from a loved one who was suffering not only from the difficulties presented by a challenging medical condition, but because of flawed devices that caused pain, embarrassment, and posed unnecessary limits to activity levels.

STYLEDWEL® is focused on making products that solve consumers needs. The Company, which is privately owned, was established in January 2009 to develop and market LEGG-INS® Urinary Leg Bag Cover. LEGG-INS® innovative design earned multiple patents with more pending, and is currently used in both institutional and home care settings. In addition to LEGG-INS® Urinary Leg bag Cover, STYLEDWEL® has recently launched BAG-INS® Bedside Drainage Bag Tote.

STYLEDWEL® superior products are functional and  most certainly, STYLEDWEL®!